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John and Kirstie Meet Again on a New TV Show

The world was surprised when Kirstie Alley named John Travolta as the greatest love of her life. In spite of her gushing confession, there’s no love lost between Kirstie and the Travoltas as John and Kirstie are set to work together in a new TV show.

It was over two decades ago when both actors starred in the popular show Look Who’s Talking. Their chemistry onscreen was so compelling that fans are excited by the announcement that they’ll be reunited for this upcoming television series.

Kirstie’s New Show

Kirstie’s New Show, the tentative title for the show, is a comedy series that will begin shooting in early August. Kirstie, now 62 years old, plays the lead character but will also serve as an executive producer.

She plays the role of Madison Banks, a woman whose life takes a new turn when a son she gave up suddenly reappears in her life. Travolta shows up later in the series. He plays a stagehand on Banks’ Broadway show. They have a one-night stand, which ends up with Travolta’s character wanting more. But Banks seems to be commitment phobic; evidenced by the fact that she gave up her son.

Kirstie made the exciting announcement of John’s involvement on Twitter. She tweeted ‘John Travolta is gonna be on our new show Kirstie!’ and said that she was extremely excited by the chance to work with him once again.

Travolta, apparently just as excited, expressed his own enthusiasm in a TV Land press release. He said that he was also excited to work with Kirstie along with the other talented cast of the show. The excitement is infectious, and fans are already lining up to get their subscription to Direct TV in order to catch the show on TV Land.

Kirstie and John’s History

After their first debut in Look Who’s Talking, the actors when on to make two sequels Look Who’s Talking Too and Look Who’s Talking Now! Last November Kirstie shocked the world when she revealed that she and Travolta fell in love during the filming of Look Who’s Talking in 1989. She went on to state that nothing happened since she ignored her feelings because she was married at the time. Travolta was at the time single. He met and married Kelly Preston a couple years later in 1991.

Over the years, Kirstie and John retained a close friendship due in part to their beliefs in Scientology.

Shocking Revelations

In the lead up to the show’s premiere on December 4, Kirstie has been creating a lot of buzz with revelations about her life in her book The Art of Men. Her revelation about John Travolta is just one of many revelations. Apart from calling John the greatest love of her life, she tells of a secret romance with Patrick Swayze.

The actors developed a deep love and respect for one another during filming of the movie North and South. According to Alley, Swayze asked her to divorce her husband, but she said she was unwilling because she didn’t want to be the reason Swayze broke his commitment to his own wife.

Look out for the new and confident Kirstie Alley and the always sexy John Travolta on Kirstie’s New Show in December.

Charlotte Button is a TV show junkie. She loves to share her best stories and insight on entertainment blogs.

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Five Things That Make a Successful TV Advert

TV advertisements – love them or hate them, they make up a large part of television viewing on the majority of channels. Some make us laugh, some cry and some just darn-right annoyed.

Their main aim is obviously to sell a certain item or product, or to raise awareness of a brand or service. But which adverts have the biggest and best effect? What exactly makes a successful advert? Here are a few examples.

An iconic character

Think about some of the most memorable adverts you have seen and many of them centre around a character. Things like ‘Compare the Meerkat’ with Alexander and his meerkat friends, the Underdog from National Accident Helpline, the BT university students, even the koala bear from toilet paper manufacturer Cushelle. Then, there’s virtually every type and breakfast cereal you can think of (Freddie the tiger, Snap Crackle and Pop… the list is endless).


Funny adverts always stick in the memory. The recent Tesco Mobile ads are a good example of this, and it shows that doing something to take the micky out of yourself a bit and not be too serious can have a good impact on the viewer, even if you are as big a brand as the supermarket giant. The Meerkats from Compare the Market are another example of where humour has been used to good effect.

Effective music

Good music in an advert can really help to set the scene and to keep it in people’s memories for longer. This could be an actual song that has done well in the charts over time, such as on Costa’s “I was made for loving you” commercial, or even a catchy jingle that people will remember, such as the Confused.com song, which repeated the website address over and over again. Even if you don’t see the advert for months afterwards, the fact that it is so catchy means people will remember the address if they ever need to use it. It’s fair to say that a good TV composer can really bring an advert to life in a way that visuals alone cannot do.

Plays to your emotions

We definitely remember these ones – usually they are adverts for charities who have cute dogs or horses which are dying needlessly, or children who are starving in poor countries in Africa. Trying to evoke an emotional reaction is a very successful tactic to achieving the goal of raising awareness of a cause and raising money in this type of industry.

A memorable tag-line

Closely linked to music as it helps to make the advert memorable in audible ways rather than visual, a memorable tag-line can stay in our heads for a long time. Things like Haribo’s “Kids and grown-ups love it so, the happy world of Haribo” is a good example of a longer ditty, whilst Frosties “They’re Grrreeeat” shows how effective shorter lines can be. When it comes to longevity and creating a brand identity this can work very well – Mcdonalds “I’m Loving It” campaign started off in the early 2000’s and they are still using it today, showing how you can develop your whole advertising campaign around a few small words.

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3 Drum Accessories to Change Out Regularly

There’s not another instrument that takes such a beating as a drum—that’s the whole point, after all. To draw music from a taut skin or a circular alloy plate requires the tough and timed strike of hand or wood. The man or woman behind the drum set must drive along a rhythm right through the melee of electric guitar, screeching organ, or a full brass section—and that requires, as a crescendo mounts to a full-blown, high-intensity musical climax, some mighty pounding.

A properly tended drum set can last years and years, but “properly tended” is the key phrase. Part of maintaining your kit is replacing components on a reasonable timeframe, which takes attentiveness. For a punk or speed-metal player, a high turnover rate may come with the territory—and there’s nothing wrong with that. To achieve the optimum sound and get the most bang for you buck, however, you want at least to be aware of the condition and expected longevity of all of your drum accessories.

Here are three drum set components that commonly require replacement on a fairly frequent basis, at least as compared to the body of the kit itself.


Most drummers have probably had the experience of shattering or cleaving a stick in the middle of a performance (and maybe a few energetic practice sessions). Given how inexpensive they are and how relatively easy they are to break, drumsticks are a good thing to stockpile; every kit bag should contain a few extra pairs for those critical moments.

Purchasing the right sticks for your needs and playing style is essential. If you’re breaking a lot of sticks prematurely, you likely need to adjust the kind you’re buying. The type of wood (usually oak, hickory, or maple—oak being the heaviest and maple the lightest) as well as the stick’s thickness are some of the major factors to consider. Continue reading

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How to Attract More Attention to Your Next Event

Oftentimes, it is not enough just to produce a really good piece of music. For example, if you have a new event to promote, it will not get off the ground unless it gets the right kind of attention. Fortunately, to help you get that attention, here are 3 tips on how to attract more attention to your next event:

1. Design a professional media kit for your website

The first thing you need to do when trying to get more attention for a band or event is to design a homepage with all the crucial information. Once you have a homepage, you will be able to use social media and other marketing methods to effectively draw more attention.

When designing a media kit for your website, it must include:

· An overview of the band. The overview should clearly state what the band does, how they arrived to where they are now, and what the future goals are.

· A thorough FAQ sheet. Creating a detailed FAQ sheet will make it easy for people to find what they are looking for. It will also help eliminate confusion in the future.

· Bios. Including bios of the band members help people to connect with them even more.

· Media coverage. The media coverage section should include links to any website that has featured a story on the band. You can also scan newspaper or magazine articles to post in the media coverage as well.

· Contact information. Having contact information readily available makes it easier for people to reach you if there are problems. Additionally, you should also provide information about any social media platform accounts the band holds.

2. Begin promoting the band and event through various social media platforms

One of the best ways to get your event known is to have an active presence on the Internet. However, it is crucial that you remain consistent and provide quality, relevant content to best avoid being seen as a spammer.

To help get the word out, you need to network with as many people as possible. In order to do this, make sure to like or share content from other bands in the industry. By connecting with other music professionals, you may be able attract even more people to attend the event.

When using social media to promote, just remember to link everything back to your website so that you will get the traffic. In most cases, people will be better able to see the full details on your website as opposed to places like Twitter (that only has a 140 character limit).

3. Promote offline as well

Many people tend to forget that you can still get plenty of recognition by promoting offline as well. Whenever possible, try promoting your event at local businesses or other events to get attention. Making donations to local charities or events is also a good way of getting recognition.

To get the most of your next event, you need to ensure that you have a solid game plan. By thoroughly detailing everything that you want to accomplish, you will make it easier to keep on track.

Rick Joyce works as a PR consultant. In his spare time, he writes about how to reach the media on business blogs. Click to learn more about how to create your electronic press kit.

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Top 5 Websites Where You Can Watch TV Shows/Movies Legally

Many of us want to watch the latest movies but may be discouraged when we think about how much we will be spending just to watch our favorite TV shows on cable. The urge to be the first to see a new movie can be very strong. It is even stronger when you hear others; people like your friends or colleagues at work talk about the latest shows. No doubt, you also want to have a meaningful share in such discussions but you cannot afford to be among the first to see some shows or movies at times because your pocket may not permit that. So how do you get around this conundrum?

Continue reading

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Top 10 Music Albums of All Time

Music always inspires you to sing along. It complements any kind of mood. We can listen to music anywhere and anytime. Some music lovers believe that music can inspire our life. It celebrates simple thoughts, feelings and we can easily relate to these songs. But there are always some great songs which are so special that even after fifteen or five years, we are bound to sing along with these songs. In this article I have tried to list down top 10 music albums of all time. This list includes some of the most popular pop music albums.

king of pop Continue reading

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Top 10 Music Apps for Your iPad


Are you aware of the fact that there some amazing apps for your iPad that let you play every music instrument out there without the need to have any of them for real ? Not just that you can also create and edit your music on these apps, now how cool is that ?

Though there are plenty of such apps in the App store, some better than others, we would like to introduce the ones that really stand out- the best music apps for your iPad.Here we have listed the 10 best apps judged by their features and ease of use against their price, only to help you make an informed decision.

ipad-music Continue reading

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Top 5 Asians Songs that made to the Bill Board 100

We rarely see Asian music making to the Bill Board, but when they do, we all know they totally are worth checking out even though we have no clue what they mean because lets face it, music has no language barrier, its a language in its own.

Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style is composed by a South Korean artist popularly known as PSY. It was released on July 15, 2012. “Gangnam Style” moved to the number one position in the Gaon Chart (national record chart of South Korea). Till date this music video has been viewed 590 million times by the user over net and it’s third most popular video among the music lovers.
It is a phrase used for the lifestyle followed by the people living in Gangnam district of Seoul. It went viral by the time it was introduced on the net. The main attraction of the song has been the catchy beats and the amusing dance move. It was nominated for the best video in MTV 2012 music awards awards. “Gangnam Style” had achived a Guinness World Records for the most viewed video on YouTube. Continue reading

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Top 10 POP Music Albums Of All Time

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Pop music always inspires us to sing along. It complements all types of moods. We can listen to pop music anywhere and anytime. For instance, when we drive, in a bar or in the shower. Pop music can inspire our life. It celebrates simple thoughts, feelings and we can easily relate to these songs. But there are always some great songs which are so special that even after fifteen or five years, we are bound to sing along with these songs. In this article I have tried to list down top 10 music albums of all time. This list includes the most popular pop music album. These albums have sold approximately 20 million copies worldwide.

Journey (1981)

This album is a classic album. The most popular song of this album is “don’t stop believing”. This song is the most favorite song of many Hollywood director. The song was used in a popular T.V. show Glee. The Chicago white sox used the song as their anthem during 2005, world championship series. The individual song has been nominated as the first catalog song sold around two million copies in 2008.

Neil diamond (1969)

Neil diamond’s “The sweet Caroline” is one of the hit pop single albums of 1969. “The sweet Caroline” inspires crowd till today. This song can relates any events such as sports, bars and wedding etc. the song is one of the most popular sing along songs of the era. In recent years it has sold a million of digital copies. Continue reading

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